Sung By David Jones

I have a girl, an inflatable girl.
She came last week in the mail.
She is bouncy and clean, made of soft neoprene.
Perfectly formed in every last detail.
Quietly she sits with me when we go out to eat.
And when I take her out to dance, she's so light on her feet!
My Rubberene, oh my sweet Rubberene.
True love between me and Rubberene.

She never cries, she never nags
Or takes my favorite chair.
And if she starts to droop and sag,
Well, I just add more air!
She understands and she makes no demands,
Like other young ladies I've seen.
So I think I'm gonna stay with my girl
In my puncture-proof world.
It's true love between me and Rubberene.

My Rubberene, oh we share every dream.
No secrets between me and Rubberene.
Dear Rubberene, people's gossip is mean,
but it won't come between me and Rubberene.

La la la la fade.

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