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With deep sadness our hearts and souls are with our dear friend, Davy Jones, who passed away on February 29, 2012 and with his family, friends, and fans..

Welcome to the Purple Flower Gang Homepage! That's PFG or "the Crazy Lot" to our friends! The PFG has been an OFFICIAL Monkees fan club since 1987 but The Monkees have been in our blood since the beginning.

This website is dedicated to celebrating the careers of Davy Jones, Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz, and Mike Nesmith, individually and collectively as The Monkees, their music, and their unique off-the-wall sense of humor.

The Monkees reunion 2001

Come in and meet The Gang! Join us as we go in search of all things Monkee on our legendary Road Trips! Stop by the All Jones All The Time Rest Home for Aging Monkees Fans. Check out the Theory of Evolution and see that Darwin was right. Everything is related to The Monkees.

Put on your wool hat and grab your tamborine because the Last Train To Clarksville
has just pulled into the station. Enjoy the ride!

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The Story OF The PFG Meet The PFG Road Crew The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth By Davy's Brother-In-Law, Ken Wilkinson Darwin Was Right! The Theory Of Evolution Waterfest - Oshkosh, Wisconsin August 19, 2004 Waterfest -Oshkosh, Wisconsin July 29, 2004 Keeping Up With The PFG - Politically Incorrect - The Road To Lockport The Jones Family Wedding The PFG Blog Wait Wait Don't Tell Me The Kids Of Coronation Street Fans On The Run...apologies to Paul McCartney! Front Street Station November 6 & 7, 2003 Aida Review Dreams DO Come True - Rachel's story The Davy Jones Easy Tambourine Method Daffy Computer Definitions For Monkee Fans In Memory Of Davy's Beloved Digpast Our Favorite Links Davy's November 2002 Show in Peoria, IL Photos From Davy's Arlington Heights, IL Show On July 5, 2003 Laugh In - 20 Years In The Future The Shutter Shutter Bug sung to the tune of Hippy Hippy Shake All Jones All The Time - The Ultimate Rest Home For Aging Monkee Fans Sweetest Day - Lockport, Illinois October 18, 2003 The words to our favorite songs! A Postcard From David's Daughter Talia Tiffin, Ohio February 14, 2004 Oshkosh By Gosh - Wasted Days And Wasted Nights A Taste of Omaha -When in Rome (Roam)
Politically Inccorect - Road 2 To Lockport David's Concert In St. Charles, Illinois

On January 20, 1967 The Monkees invaded KRUX Radio and for 45 insane minutes they controlled the air waves.
Thanks to our friend, Jan Chilton, you can click on the link below and listen to the insanity!
"KRUX Radio - Phoenix, AZ January 20, 1967

Video from Jan Beaudrie and Gail Hollis

Thanks my friends for sharing!

Take A Giant Step
Bright Side Of The Road
Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse
Michael Jackson Impression
Nice To Be With You
No Time
I Wanna Be Free

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