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Bonnie and I surprised David in 1990 at Notre Dame where he performed at a cheerleader's award ceremony.

We attended a number of the Intimate Evenings With Davy Jones. This photo is from the Circleville Show, I think 1992. It was my niece’s birthday present. Micki has been a Davy fan since she was 2.

One of our favorite trips was to see David at Hershey Park. On our way home David invited us to his home for tea and treated us to a tour of the house and grounds and then to our horror, proceeded to bring out the lawn mower and cut down all the pretty little purple flowers in his overgrown yard (read that "weeds", but he took a great deal of pleasure in telling us he was cutting them down!)

My buddy Shane Worden and I went to North Carolina to the Lewisville Lawn Party in 1997.
An insane trip across country but a great deal of fun and the beginning of the He Said/ She Said saga of Monkee stories in our newsletter. Peter was posing with a number of girls and kissing them. When it was Shane’s turn he protested he didn’t want a kiss to which Peter pretended to be annoyed and the following photos was the result.

There are many more stories, hundreds of shows with their own special tales. Celebrating my birthday at Micky’s solo show and supplying them with cookies on stage at the Mark.... The lady Luck shows that David said were the best of his career.... The Real Live Brady Bunch, Oliver, Burlington Steamboat Days, and the most recent show in Wilmington, Ohio.

I have thanked the Monkees a million times for the opportunities they have afforded me to travel and meet so many wonderful people. My special thanks go to Debbie Sunseri, Bonnie Borgh, Shane Worden, Kathy Meador, Colleen Johnson, Kimmi Janvrin, Diane Klosak, who have made Monkee business such a joy. A huge thanks to Jan for her friendship and giving me the opportunity to share some of my story with everyone.

I was recently asked why . . . why the mania lives on and the fans are so loyal and I've thought about it for a long time. There is no simple answer. If you aren’t a part of it you can’t hope to understand. If you are, there is no need to understand. There is something of our innocent youth that those of us who are first generation fans seem to find in all of this, something we struggle with all of our might to hang on to.

For younger fans, I am not sure what it is, but I have seen the sheer joy on my niece’s face when David sat with her on his lap on stage. He sang "I Wanna Be Free", and I saw the joy on HIS face when she kissed his cheek after and said, “How about the flip side?”.

We all seem to need each other and that I think is good.

Maybe we should all quit trying to analyze the reasons and just enjoy it.

“Love IS understanding. It’s in everything we do!”


How I envy Cindy the last 30 years!~Jan~