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The Davy Jones Easy Tambourine Method

Courtesy of Bonnie Borgh

The "Davy Jones Easy Tambourine Method" was obtained from 97x (Quad Cities pure rock and roll station). (To be quite honest, I'm not sure how "pure" it is.) The dialogue is accentuated with the most deplorable English accent I have ever heard which makes the recording absolutely hilarious.)

(Last Train To Clarksville plays in the background.)

Hi! I'm Davy Jones of the Monkees. Have you always wanted to be a musician, but you come up a little bit short on musical talent? Well, I know how you feel. That's why you should get the "Davy Jones Easy Tambourine Method". It's a step-by-step introduction to basic tambourine rhythms that are so easy a monkey could do it. (laughs) That's monkey with an "ey". Just listen to some of the red-hot tambourine chops that you could soon be playing:

rock and roll (jingles) reggae (identical jingles) country/western (more identical jingles) improvisational jazz (still more identical jingles)

Fun, isn't it? You bet! And, remember, musicians get all the "gurls". (Last Train To Clarksville plays again in the background.) So, if you want to score with the chicks and jam with the band, pick up a copy of the "Davy Jones Easy Tambourine Method". Don't let your lack of talent stand between you and success. Order now!

To receive your own "Davy Jones Easy Tambourine Method", send check or money order to: Micky Dolenz, P.O. Box 534, Hollywood, California 90000. Ten-day money-back guarantee. Allow 97 months for delivery.

(It's a little joke about this big!)