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Meet the PFG Road Crew

~~~~ Happy Holidays to The Monkees, their families, and all of our friends! May the New Year bring us all closer together!~~~~

Cindy Bryant

Hi! I am a first generation Monkees fan, discovering the Monkees in the pages of 16 Magazine and in The Monkees series when it premiered in 1966. I rediscovered them again in 1986 and the Purple Flower Gang was born in 1987 when we were authorized to become an official club by The Monkees' organization. It has been a strange and wonderful ride that has brought The Road Crew Gang all together. We hope to share the ride with this web site. It is a celebration of friendship, fun, and Monkeemania.

Bonnie Borgh

In September of 1966, I was a six-year old, first-generation Monkees’ fan. I remember faithfully watching The Monkees television show every Monday night at 6:30 pm. My favorite Monkee was and always will be David Jones. Twenty years later, on June 20, 1986, I was able to see The Monkees in concert for the very first time at Burlington Steamboat Days in Burlington, Iowa. On July 10, 1987, I had the opportunity to meet David Jones in person at an autograph session in Omaha, Nebraska. Two days later, on July 12, 1987, I met The Purple Flower Gang at Poplar Creek Music Theatre in Chicago, Illinois. To date, I have seen The Monkees collectively and individually more times than anyone (including myself) would be able to imagine. I have had some “Incredible” memories “Every Step of the Way” and have shared them with some very dear friends.

Janet Litterio

I became a fan of The Monkees at the age of 10 after watching the first episode in 1966. The favorite of most of my friends and I was...and will continue to be David Jones. Back then, I never dreamed I would get to see a Monkees concert...let alone meet 'Davy.' Flash forward 35 Mother bought me a Christmas present that won't soon be forgotten--a ticket to a Davy Jones concert at Moraine Valley College. Walking out of the concert that evening, little did I know the path that one ticket would take me. As a result, my friends, brother, husband and I have attended many recent concerts. One of the best parts of that path are the friendships I've made as a result of all this. Of course, meeting and chatting with David counts are THE best part of it all. But it truly is much more than going to the concerts, it's being able to share the fun with friends, old and new! By the way, my Mother swears she'll never buy me another ticket to see any performer again.

Kimmi Janvrin

Colleen Johnson

Jan Chilton

I have been in love with Davy Jones for 30 years. This has survived two marriages and two divorces, several engagements, and an addiction to the Beatles. I cannot remember when I did not have a house full (or car full) of Monkees albums or cassettes. For every time I heard a Beatles album, I would privately play 3 Monkees albums afterwards.

David remained a "myth" to me until 1987, when a miracle happened and I heard the Monkees would be in Chapel Hill, North Carolina...about 2 hours from my home. I went with my niece, sat a million miles away, and cried the whole time. I figured that was my big moment. 10 more years went by.

I moved to the beach in South Carolina, brought my little Monkees tapes and albums right along with me...and worked a 9 to 5 (sometimes 2nd shift job) and survived best as I could. 1997 rolls around and and another miracle....the Monkees were actually coming to Myrtle Beach! I still sat a mile away, still cried...but this time I decided to show my butt...and I left my seat at the end and ran up to the stage. I saw Davy Jones from about 4 ft away this time...and again thought my life was at it's best. A couple of weeks later we got the internet at work, and my whole existence changed.

I found a Monkees forum somewhere, and posted a question about David...probably if he was married or something. Several hours later I was thrilled to no end that someone answered me! That someone was Cindy Bryant....

For months we corresponded and I worshipped this crazy woman! Eventually I got a webtv at home and stayed on the internet 24/7. Another girl I met named Denise had a website for Davy and inspired and "trained" me through a million emails until I learned myself. Several years later I ended up with one of the biggest Davy sites around. I met David...even got a kiss.

This "God" named David became a flesh and blood man with faults and his own mistakes....but still the love of my life always. Because of him, and Cindy, and Denise, I now do internet work and websites for a living. My whole life and career made a 90 degree turn for the better....still amazes me every day.

I still haven't met Cindy. I've been with the PFG in spirit now for more than 4 years...and one day I'll be there in person, too. Until then I continue to love this old girl...and David...and I'll always owe her a debt that can't be repaid...