Laugh In
The Second Season

By: Bonnie Borgh

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Veteran PFG members may recall Monkee Shines Issue #17 . On Page 16, Cindy Bryant and I wrote our own version of Rowan and Martin’s “Laugh In”. So, in the tradition of 1960’s vintage comedy, I humbly bring to you once again an updated sequel to “Laugh In”.

What’s the news across the nation?
We have got the information
In a way we hope will amuse you!
We just love to give you our news
La Da De Da, Ladies and Gents,
“Laugh In” looks at the news!

Here with the news of the future...

Washington, D.C., 2023, 20 years from now...Having lost the Presidential election in 2012 and having rebounded in 2016, President Peter Tork is now entering his seventh inning stretch in the White House. Keeping the tradition of First Family pets, President Tork believes there is always room for a Monkee.

Beavertown, Pennsylvania, 2023, 20 years from now...David Jones recently donated his infamous “Girl” jacket which he wore during his guest appearance on “The Brady Bunch” in 1971 to his very own Memorabilia Museum. Jones says he still knows all the words to “Girl” but has added a Gary Puckett riff, “This Girl Is A Woman Now.”

The Caribbean, 2023, 20 years from now...Micky Dolenz continues to perform solo concerts aboard the luxury cruise ship, “The Love Boat.” Dolenz’s show continues in the renown, fast-paced Monkee tradition. However, due to popular request, he decided to cut “Goin’ Down” from the set list.

Houston, Texas, 2023, 20 years from now...Michael Nesmith’s multi-trillion dollar theme park and convention center is enjoying it’s tenth season of record attendance. When asked what attraction seems to be the most popular, Nesmith reluctantly admitted the classic Monkee Mobile rides. Unfortunately, the eight-track player no longer works.

Muscatine, Iowa, 2023, 20 years from now...Cindy Bryant, founder of The Purple Flower Gang, has been the editor of Monkee Shines for thirty-something (thirty-six) years. Cindy says it’s not as difficult to find purple flowers these days. They are instantaneously available for a dime a dozen on-line, but they just don’t hold water. <

Baby Boomers, 2023, 20 years from now...The Beatles’ song “When I’m 64” has taken on a whole new meaning. The age has become a little too close for comfort.

The Monkees, 2023, 20 years from now...Nearing their 60th Anniversary in 2026, The Monkees have discussed a brief summer tour to promote their upcoming release “JUST WHO?” They plan to record vintage Monkees’ standards, i.e., “Shades of Gray,” “What Am I Doing Hangin’ Round,” and “Do I Have To Do This All Over Again?” Generations of Monkees’ fans are ecstatic. Who knows? They may be comin’ to your town!