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The PFG's
ABC Dictionary For Computer Monkees

The following computer terms have been adapted for Monkees fans

Accelerated video adapter: Quick and efficient mass producer of VCR tapes. See Cindy.

Accelerator: The foot pedal on your car which you use to get to a concert on time but see “Clock speed”.

A drive: Most common form of transportation to and from a Monkees’ concert.

Archive files: A secure place to store memorabilia.

Back up: The band that plays before The Monkees.

BIOS: Acronym for autobiography. See They Made A Monkee Out Of Me and I’m A Believer.

Boot: Sometimes you can’t answer the phone without it. See page 65 in They Made A Monkee Out Of Me.

Bus: An alternative form of transportation to and from a Monkees’ concert. See Shane.

Browsers: Fans who look at the merchandise table.

Caddies: Previously referred to as bellhops.

Capacity: Total number of fans seated in a venue.

Chat room: Similar to a green room only via computer.

Clicking: When things are working well.

Clock speed: See Kimmi.

Compatible: Traveling companions who appreciate the same Monkee.

Console: Compartment in your car where “tickets” are kept.

Cursors: Similar to hecklers who interrupt stage dialogue.

Dragging: What you do when you’ve ridden in a car for an extended time.

Email: 100+ electronic messages from one PFG internet user to another often containing absolutely frivolous and incoherent silly blather

Escape: Reality interlude, i.e. a concert.

Exit: When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Extended memory: See “He Said/She Said” sagas.

Explorer: Offspring of the Bronco.

Gopherspace: What you want to avoid when an instant messenger is making a delivery.

Icons: Our guides.

Instant messenger: An individual on an immediate floral delivery assignment.

Keyboard: See Dave Alexander.

Memory: What we wish we had more of when it comes to attending a concert.

Multitasking: The balance between and

Networks: A formation of two or more Monkees’ fans.

Notebook: The paper we use to keep track of musical set list during the concert.

On-line: Monkees 24/7 information network.

Packing list: A checklist of items to remember to bring for a Monkees’ adventure.

Peripherals: A necessary form of vision at a concert.

Plug and play: Listen to the Band!

Records: Vinyl pressings we used to play on stereo systems before eight-track, cassettes, CD’s, and DVD’s were invented.

Resolution: Something you need after a misunderstanding. Call 563-332-9259.

Scan: Vision necessary to avoid missing anything important.

String: See Dave Robicheau.

Toggle: Ability to coordinate concert accessories (ticket, camera, autograph memorabilia, etc.)

View: What you see at the gates of Heaven.

User: A Stepping Stone.