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Sometimes, when I am listening to Daydream Believer
on the radio, I'm taken back to 1966 when I was 12 and
totally infatuated with The Monkees. I'm sitting in my
room, which is painted my favorite color, bittersweet orange.
It's fall,there is a cool breeze drifting in the windows,
and the cream colored curtains stir occasionally.

I am sitting at my desk; concentrating on the crude
watercolor sketch I am doing from a 16 Magazine pin up.
It's my first attempt as a portrait and it is of Davy Jones.
The small, tinny, 12 transistor radio next to me is
tuned to KSTT, our local Top 40s station, which is
playing a Monkees song.

This is probably the happiest time of my life - then.
If that little girl only knew…
When the Monkees disbanded, like most fans I lost track
of them, but not the music.
My Monkees records never collected dust.

My senior year of high school I was excited to find
that Davy Jones was touring with Mark Lindsay and
planned a show at the RKO in Davenport, Iowa. So, on
August 21, 1971 my friend, her mother, my sister and I
were there - row P center aisle seats, giggling and
screaming like the good fans we are. My first Davy Jones
concert but hardly the last. I still have the ticket,
although the photos were lost in a car accident
many years later......

The Adventure Begins....