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Who Writes This Stuff? Inspiration By: Janet Litterio Written By: Bonnie Borgh and Cindy Bryant

For all of us “Baby Boomers” who are approaching the “Shades of Gray” days of our lives, here is a proposal for David Jones to consider:

As most Monkees’ fans know, David has purchased an old Lutheran Church in Beavertown which he is transforming into a memorabilia museum slash youth club. David always jokes about the other Monkees being in the “Actor’s Home” in Hollywood. Perhaps David might want to ponder an addition to his project and include a “Home” for wayward Monkees’ enthusiasts. No doubt he’s thought we have all needed a place to go for some time now.

Just think of residency at “All Jones, All The Time”! Growing old no longer has to be an unpleasant stage of life. At “All Jones, All The Time”, you can hang out “Eight Days A Week” with friends just like you!

Pleasant Valley Sundays: There will be charcoal burning everywhere, and where there’s charcoal, there’s food! Good nutrition is very important to the elderly.

Manic Mondays: A great way to begin the week and exercise degenerating brain cells, is to play “Name That (Monkees) Tune”. Instead of using musical chairs to eliminate resident contestants, there will be comfortable rocking chairs.

Show and Tell Tuesdays: If you have ever had the desire to share your Monkees’ collectible treasures with your friends, now you will have a totally captive audience.

Karaoke Wednesdays: Invite A Band Member To The Home Nite and enjoy Monkees’ karaoke at it’s finest.

Vegas Thursdays: David always talks about “Someday Man” wearing a silver suit and performing in Las Vegas. Here’s his chance to bring Las Vegas to U2 (Imagine that! Wrong group!) in Beavertown!

Day-Tripping Fridays: An absolute must for all old nags! Perhaps David would be willing to hitch up his team and offer horse and buggy rides around picturesque Amish Country.

Saturday’s Child: Play time! Do you remember watching Saturday morning cartoons like Scooby Doo meets Davy Jones? Playing Monkees’ cards and putting together Monkees’ puzzles is a great way to keep the mind sharp. There’s always Monkees’ episodes to revisit, too. They will still be as funny as the first time we saw them because we won’t remember having seen them before.

Special Events

Annual Davy Dash: Dust off your orthopedic shoes and get out your inhalers! David will begin the 1B (that’s one block) race, and whoever catches him first, is declared the winner.

Finding Davy Jones’ Locker: Scuba Doo...Where Are You? If jogging isn’t your cup of (English Breakfast) tea, then just “Pool It!” Find your fins and your oxygen tank and start searching. As “Dory” in Finding Nemo says, “What do we do? We swim, swim, swim!”

Prom Night: There’s no longer a reason to be sad just because Davy Jones never sang at your high school prom. Now is your golden opportunity to feel just like Marsha Marsha Marsha! David will host a lovely evening of song and dance. Formal attire is required.

Pajama Party: It will be just like old times with overnight sleep-overs! There will be popcorn and (Monkees) movies galore. Wear your favorite pj’s and join the fun!

Do You Remember Who They Are Night?: Do you ever question, “What ever happened to ‘Sajad Khan?” “All Jones, All The Time” wonders that as well. Every attempt will be made to contact former teen idols and invite them to take a stroll with you down memory lane.

At “All Jones, All The Time” every day will be like “the good ole days” where you can still Monkee around!

[Author’s Note: While we all may not be able to live on “Easy Street” in our twilight years, it would be nice to live on “Jones Street”. This article is obviously written in “Good Clean Fun,” but on the flip side, “All Jones, All The Time” might be something for David to think about if he is still contemplating plans for his renovation project.]