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I Ain't Gonna Love You No More

David T. Jones

I ain't gonna love you no more
I ain't gonna walk you to your door
I ain't gonna say goodnight
Kiss your lips and hold you tight
No I ain't gonna love you no more
No more
No more

(Chorus-Repeat 3 times)

Last night when I went walking
I say you in the park
You didn't know that I was there
Cause it was after dark
I followed you along the street
You held his hand so tight
And then he walked you to your door
And then kissed you goodnight


I called you up I asked you why
You said you didn't know
And that you couldn't talk right then
And that you had to go
I asked you should I call you back
You said you didn't mind
And that's when I knew then and there
You'd left our love behind

(Chorus out)

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